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SVP International

Former Community Partners

SVP is honored to have worked with more than 20 impactful metro Portland nonprofits plotting the course for next-level growth.

Regional Kindergarten Readiness Network

Community Partner Overview In the summer of 2017, fifty cross-sector partners gathered to learn from Dr. Neal [...] Read More »

Albina Head Start

As a leader in early childhood education, Albina Head Start (AHS) also provides career training programs for parents of children enrolled in their programs. With market research and business planning, AHS can expand these career training opportunities for parents in across their communities. Read More »

Early Literacy Success Alliance (ELSA)

The Early Literacy Success Alliance (ELSA) is a coalition of Oregon nonprofit partners and public libraries with [...] Read More »

Black Parent Initiative

Increased organizational capacity will position the Black Parent Initiative to expand and strengthen its early childhood programs and long-term sustainability, as well as achieve broader systems change for Portland’s Black community. Read More »

Community Education Workers

The Community Education Workers (CEW) Program offers an innovative, community-driven model for increasing family support to priority children and families. It has the potential to draw on significant resources available through Oregon’s healthcare system. Read More »

Kindergarten Teacher Home Visits

Kindergarten Teacher Home Visits are the most effective ways of establishing strong school/parent relations and a [...] Read More »

Metropolitan Family Service

Metropolitan Family Service's (MFS) Ready, Set, Go! program for young children and families has already demonstrated impressive outcomes and is positioned to serve as a key pre-k resource for more local school districts. Read More »

Teaching Preschool Partners

Teaching Preschool Partners strengthens quality preschool education for children facing barriers to success. Read More »

CASH Oregon

On SVP's investment of $170,000 and countless hours of contributed expertise to CASH Oregon, we helped returned more than $168 million and generated an economic return of more than $302 million for the Portland-area community in seven years. Read More »

Reading Results

They say until third grade, kids learn to read; after third, they read to learn. Portland Reading Foundation wants to make sure all kids in Portland are ready to learn. Read More »

Friends of the Children

Children growing up in homes with violence, criminal behavior, drug abuse and poverty are at risk to become adults who live the same way. Why are some children able to break out of the cycle and become strong contributors to society? Read More »

The Children's Book Bank

The Children's Book Bank gathers new and gently used books from the community and with volunteer help it cleans, sorts, and distributes books to kids in need. CBB distributes books for the home environment through existing programs that target pre-school age children. Read More »


The KairosPDX program model presents the opportunity to close the racial achievement gap and serve as a beacon for policy makers and educators across the State of Oregon and beyond. Read More »

The Shadow Project

In 2007, more special education students dropped out than graduated with a regular diploma in five Portland metro districts.* By investing in The Shadow Project... Read More »

Parental Engagement Program

Creating a nationally recognized model elementary school in a low-income neighborhood with more than 1/3 of students from immigrant families is an outstanding achievement. Kelly Elementary school in SE Portland did it, and SVP helped replicate it. Read More »

New Avenues for Youth

Many homeless teens come from the foster care system. By reaching young adults in their foster homes before they run away, we can help prevent homelessness and the rash of problems that accompany it: drug abuse, theft, physical and sexual violence, illness, illiteracy. Read More »

Morrison Child and Family Services

Imagine being on the front lines with troubled children every day. Dedicated women and men fight daily, weekly, monthly, yearly battles with children who have been abused and neglected and suffer myriad behavioral disorders as a result... Read More »

Metropolitan Family Service

Parenting is a difficult job, and many new parents find they are ill-equipped to meet the plethora of needs and demands that a child brings. Read More »

Boys & Girls Club Kids Cafe

Kids Café is one of the nation's largest meal service programs, providing free, healthy food and nutrition education to hungry children. While 800 Kids Cafés are operating nationwide, Oregon, the state with the largest number of food insecure children, lags far behind. Read More »

Free Clinic of SW Washington

With three years of support from us (2003-2005), Free Clinic of SW Washington was able to stabilize its operations, build its infrastructure and grow its services and resources exponentially. Read More »

Listen to Kids

Listen To Kids provides an unduplicated service in our community. Their focus, like many small nonprofits, has been on maintaining and delivering high-quality programs, not on developing the infrastructure that would allow these programs to thrive. Read More »

Forest Grove Latino Community Network

Through our investment with the Forest Grove Latino Community Network, we are helping children one-on-one both as mentors and readers. But we do more than that. We help their parents and families, too. Read More »

LEP High School

The Leadership and Entrepreneurship Public Charter High School (LÊP High) is a new kind of high school that blends interdisciplinary classes with college preparation, financial education, internships, and business training. Read More »

Children's Relief Nursery

Victims of child abuse or neglect often suffer delays in their physical, psychological, cognitive and behavioral development. These children may experience a lifetime of suffering from physical injuries, brain damage, chronic low self-esteem, bonding and relationship difficulties, learning disorders, and aggressive behavior. Read More »

Child Care Improvement Project

Operated through Neighborhood House, Inc., CCIP refers parents to affordable, quality home-based child care providers. Within its network are providers that CCIP supports through skill development training, business management tools and child development resource and information. Read More »

Serendipity Center

Serendipity Center serves some of the most vulnerable children in our community - those managing mental illness or other behavioral disorders that interfere with learning and school participation. Read More »

Native American Youth and Family Center

The Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA) is uniquely positioned to address a historically underserved population with high-quality, wrap-around programs for young Native children and families. Read More »

Peninsula Children's Learning Center

Portland children deserve equal access to quality early education despite the obstacle of rising costs. Peninsula Children's Center is dedicated to giving children the tools they need for success. Read More »

Venture Scholars

A four-year college isn't for everyone. We recognize that some young adults will thrive in careers that require technical education rather than a liberal arts or science degree. Read More »

Adelante Mujeres

Adelante Mujeres has been helping such families to flourish for the past nine years and the Portland community is reaping the benefits through education, empowerment, and enriching connections. Read More »