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Our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

The year 2010 was a significant turning point for SVP Portland. While the organization had been ‘doing good’ since its founding, then Executive Director Mark Holloway shared “I had a feeling in my gut we could be doing so much more.” Partner Larry Fox then described SVP’s community impact as “failing broadly, one success at a time.” It was time for a change. Read More »

We Stand in Solidarity to #StopAsianHate

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Last month, in the wake of the mass shooting in the Asian Community of Atlanta, SVP Portland joined Oregon Asian Pacific Islander (API) Leaders in solidarity against Asian hate. The SVP team encourages you to read the full letter as part of our journey to continuously learn about racism and to support our collective work toward becoming an anti-racist organization. Read More »

Partner Highlight: Sims Brannon

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland
Sims Brannon at Crater Lake with his dog Ella

"I was very attracted to the combination of contributing both financially and with personal service. I was raised to believe that financial giving is not enough -- you should contribute both time and money, if you can. So, the SVP venture philanthropy model really fits with my core values." Read More »

2021 Annual Partnership Meeting

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland
2021 Annual Partnership Meeting Zoom Screenshot

On February 3rd, we held our Annual Partnership Meeting to kick off the year. Twenty-two Partners joined the informational session and Q&A via Zoom to celebrate the accomplishments of 2020 and hear about how we plan to build upon that momentum in 2021. As we celebrate 20 years of SVP Portland, we are excited and proud of our cumulative impact and evolution since our founding. Read More »

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland
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“High-quality pre-K has been linked, long-term, to less crime and fewer prisoners. The CPC [Child-Parent Centers] program has served over 100,000 three- and four-year-olds since 1967. Researchers followed a sample of participants up until age 28, and found that children who did not participate were 70 percent more likely to be arrested for a violent crime by age 18. By age 24, the people served by the CPC were 20 percent less likely to have served time in a jail or prison.” Read More »

Partner Highlight: Todd Alsdorf

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland
Todd Alsdorf

"[W]e had been volunteering once a week with Habitat for Humanity. As I was crawling through an attic using a caulking gun to seal up drywall joints or painting an old house, I couldn't help but to think that there may be a way that I could make a bigger philanthropic impact by tapping into the skills I had built over the years of founding and growing a business. The idea of venture philanthropy and helping build capacity in organizations that are doing the hard work of serving the children and families in underserved communities really resonated with me." Read More »

The SVP Origin Story

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we bring you a series on the history of SVP Portland. This is part one, which starts at the very beginning. The SVP model found especially fertile ground with tech entrepreneurs. It’s no surprise then that Eli Lamb, who had recently retired from Intel Oregon, found his way to an SVP Seattle meeting and learned about their unique model for giving not just financially, but also with time and expertise. Read More »