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How Two Community Partners Are Bold in the Face of Inequities

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland
Bahia Overton & Ruth Shelly

Our Community Partners are on the front lines addressing the challenges brought on by COVID-19, as well as the anguish spurred by the killing of George Floyd. We recently had the opportunity to hear directly from two of them: the Executive Directors of Portland Children’s Museum and Black Parent Initiative (BPI). Learning from the expertise and wisdom of community leaders was incredibly powerful. Read More »

Multnomah County Preschool for All Initiative: An Update

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear the critical need for a quality preschool system. As the economic crisis deepens and closures have threatened the supply of child care and preschool providers, our families, community, and economy need Preschool for All now more than ever. SVP Partner and Preschool for All Co-Chair Mark Holloway offers an update on Multnomah County's Preschool for All initiative. Read More »

Latino Network Creatively Serves Community Through COVID-19

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

For so many organizations across the country, coronavirus has shifted business as usual. But “business as usual” takes on a different meaning when you’re serving the families and communities in which you belong. That was the case for SVP Portland’s (SVP) Community Partner, Latino Network, which works to positively transform the lives of Latinx youth, families, and communities. Read More »

The Remarkable Story of Adelante Mujeres’ Growth

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Almost five years after our investment with Adelante Mujeres ended, we are thrilled to announce the opening of their new Early Childhood Education classrooms in Forest Grove! Their early childhood education program has more than doubled in size and the organization itself has grown significantly. Adelante is providing direct services to more than 9,000 people, serving close to 10% of the Latinx population in Washington County. Read More »

My Personal Equity Journey

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

We are living in a time of outrage and unrest, as George Floyd’s murder reminds us of the deep and systemic racial inequities in our country. As the white stepmother of a mixed-race child, Sarah Cohen-Doherty, Community Impact Manager, reflects on her personal equity journey and how she is responding to the current tensions of today. Read More »

SVP Stands In Solidarity With Our Community Partners

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland
Conceptual symbol of multiracial human hands making a circle on white background with a copy space in the middle

As supportive allies in our community, we are deeply saddened and outraged by the horrific murder of George Floyd, and feel powerless to reconcile the ongoing protests and violent response by law enforcement. Many Partners have expressed feeling hopeless, and are perhaps anxious to lend their support in the moment. Here's how you can help. Read More »

SVP Portland Welcomes New Board Members

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland
We are proud to welcome three new Partners to our Board of Directors!

We are proud to welcome three new Partners to the SVP Portland Board of Directors! The Board provides leadership for SVP’s mission to mobilize the time, money, and influence of our Partnership for investment in our community. Read More »