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The Community Impact of Sarah’s Legacy

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Sarah Cohen-Doherty was more than just SVP Portland’s Community Impact Manager from 2017-2020. She was a dedicated advocate for high-quality, culturally-relevant early childhood education and literacy opportunities for all children. Sarah’s legacy continues through the Sarah Cohen-Doherty Memorial Fund, and we are honored to serve the important role of helping Sarah’s family invest in the work that she loved. The memorial fund, which specifically supports early childhood literacy, quality preschool, and advocacy, has already had an impact in our community. Read More »

Joe’s Court 2021

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Joe’s Court is a celebration to honor SVP Partners who have invested for 10 years or more. The concept for Joe’s Court came about in October of 2014 — 13 years after the launch of the Portland affiliate — to recognize both the founding and growing number of Partners that remained committed to our mission. This year’s Joe’s Court celebration was a time to reflect on the end of our 20th Anniversary celebration, which set the tone for the conversation among the Partners. SVP Portland started with a seedling of an idea that has been nourished for decades by dedicated Partners, and is now flourishing! We are proud of the successes and growth of our Community Partners, the Preschool for All victory, our equity journey, and the evolution of our governance. We are excited for the work to continue for the next 20 years and beyond! Read More »

Personal Equity Learning Journey, Part 1

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

At SVP, one reason we are committed to advancing racial equity is because race and ethnicity play an outsized role in determining kindergarten readiness and because we want a strong, vibrant community. One way that you can advance racial equity is to educate yourself and others about issues impacting communities of color. When we begin with personal learning and reflection, we can realize our individual responsibility, and better understand how we can work collectively to make positive social change. SVP Partners and staff share what they have been reading, listening to, and watching as a part of their personal equity journeys. We hope this will inspire you! Read More »

Executive Director Reflections on 2021

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Executive Director Lauren Johnson is proud to share highlights from the past year, made possible by the tenacity, creativity, resourcefulness, and collaboration of dedicated SVP staff, Partners, and Community Partners. We’ve continued to fill key gaps in our community through the roles of catalyst, convener, champion, and capacity builder. In this letter to the SVP community, she highlights some of our successes and reflects on our progress in 2021. Read More »

2021 SVP Superstar Awards

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland
SVP Portland Superstars

SVP Portland staff is excited to share our second annual Yearbook Awards! The goal is to recognize Partners, Community Partners, and Encore Fellows who contributed to a successful 2021, and have a little fun along the way. Please help us congratulate this year’s recipients -- we couldn’t have done it without them! Read More »

Looking Forward After 20 Years of History

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

As the celebration of our 20th anniversary comes to a close, we are looking ahead to our future. The next step is an evolution of our governance that delivers on our mission, aligns with our values, and advances our commitment to be an anti-racist organization. At the November Board meeting, adoption of the new governance framework was unanimous. Bob Tate shared, “The 2021 Board charted a bold new course, designed to decentralize our governance operations and power our work with more inclusive and deeper community leadership. We’re expecting this to propel our potential for even greater impact, while continuing our drive to become an anti-racist organization. I’m excited to take on this new role as we thoughtfully and humbly advance this new concept, together." Read More »

Equity Collaborative to Extend Its Reach in 2022

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

We are proud champions of our Community Partner, the Early Childhood Equity Collaborative, a group showing that collaborative advocacy efforts by communities of color can result in significant shifts toward greater equity in policy and access to resources. The Collaborative formed in 2018 to engage the voices of communities of color who were not being heard in critical discussions about funding and policies related to their families. We are excited to share that SVP has helped secure $625,000 for the Collaborative over the next 2 years. Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Community Foundation, James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation, and Ford Family Foundation are major funders and partners in the Collaborative’s work. Their support will allow this collective project to grow its reach in 2022, with a priority for rural and tribal representation, and to build on the victory of the 2019 Early Childhood Equity Fund. Read More »