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Encore No More–A Rebrand to CoGenerate!

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Breaking news: Encore.org has changed its name to CoGenerate, and has a refreshed mission and vision!

Formerly known as Encore.org, CoGenerate is one of the nation’s leading social-impact organizations dedicated to making the most of our increasingly multigenerational society. It works as a catalyst to shift the cultural narrative and tell a new story about cogenerational action. It also works to support innovators bringing generations together for mutual benefit and social impact, and to build a community of leaders, organizations, and funders to scale this work and sustain it.

Their new vision is “A world where older and younger people create a better future together.” And their new mission statement clarifies their multigenerational approach: “CoGenerate brings older and younger people together to solve problems, bridge divides and co-create the future.”

The purpose of this rebranding is to emphasize inclusion. When people hear the word “encore” they often think of a second act, but CoGenerate is a term that is a better fit for the organization because it accounts for the generational diversity among the Encore Fellows. Workplaces are now multigenerational, and according to Darlene Johnson, National Strategy and Program Director for Encore Fellowships, “We’re focusing on collaboration, community, and co-creation. It’s about working together — not just bringing the generations together, but the generations interacting together.” 

What does this mean for the Encore Fellows program at SVP Portland? There is no change in the program name or the way it is structured, it simply lives under CoGenerate instead of Encore.org. However, we appreciate that CoGenerate’s new mission and vision closely aligns with SVP Portland’s DEI work, especially as we seek to diversify our own partnership and bridge across generations. As Darlene puts it, “CoGenerate allows us to look at the Encore Fellowship program through a different lens, reframing and holding space for inclusion — highlighting and enabling it. We hope our fellows are able to help facilitate the cogenerational aspects of their work at their host organizations.” 

And when you are looking for the inspiring stories of Encore Fellows, be sure to visit CoGenerate on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter!

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