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Reflecting on the Chauvin Verdict

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Dear SVP Community,

The April 20th guilty verdict in the Derrick Chauvin trial was momentous. And while we are relieved by that outcome, we recognize the verdict in and of itself does not signal systemic change. If we are to dismantle systems of oppression and white supremacy in our society, much deeper transformation is needed.

SVP is part of this broader ecosystem that is currently structured to result in inequities, so we recognize that ongoing change is also needed within SVP.  To that end, we are on a journey to become an anti-racist organization. As a dominant culture, majority white group of philanthropists and capacity building volunteers, we acknowledge that we have a long way to go and still have a lot to learn. Nonetheless, we are committed, and committed for the long-term.

In early 2019, we established a partnership with the Center for Equity & Inclusion to help us examine every aspect of SVP Portland and authentically work toward becoming a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization. Currently our Equity Team, composed of Board members, staff, and Partners, continues the learning and practice to advance our ongoing change. We will be transparent about our progress, and invite you to join us in this imperative work.

Onward, toward a more equitable and just future,

Lauren Johnson, Executive Director
Kerry McClenahan, Board Chair

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