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Help Preschool for All Secure the Win

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland
Preschool for All Multnomah County

Written by Kieren Porter & Alex Lebow, Chairs of the Policy/Advocacy Team

After years of preparation and coalition building, the Multnomah County Preschool for All campaign is off and running – YES on Measure 26-214!  Helping the P4A broad coalition secure victory will be a major milestone toward our Access to Preschool goal and will improve generations of lives in our community – a game changer for kids and working families! 

While 70% of county voters polled support the measure, the campaign still needs to reach 235,000 voters before November 3rd with a strong grassroots campaign to ensure victory. That means raising $450,000 in less than two months. To help the effort, two SVP Partners have pledged $50,000 and challenged our community to match it!

SVP Portland has been vital to the heartbeat of Preschool for All for years and now is the time for the final push to victory. Here are five ways you can help:

  • Endorse 26-214 by September 3rd – The campaign needs as many Multnomah County businesses and business professionals endorsing as possible. Simply download and sign this form and follow these instructions, then send your signed form to P4A staff.
  • Contribute to the campaign here – Remember, two SVP Partners are matching every direct contribution made, up to $50,000! Please talk to Mark Holloway if you can want to make a $5k+ contribution or have special needs or requests.
  • Host a virtual house party (or live yard party) – Your friends and networks can learn more about the measure and have the option to contribute directly to the campaign. Interested? Contact Mark Holloway!
  • Learn more about Preschool for All – The website is here or a PDF overview here of the measure and campaign strategy.
  • Ask others to support Preschool for All – Follow and “like” Preschool for All on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and ask folks to Vote YES on 26-214!

Contact Mark Holloway if you want to help in any other way. We will continue to share ways that you can help the campaign between now and the election. Victories are always sweeter when you have a hand in clenching them!

One Comment:

  1. Gerald Cohen

    What would Sarah (Cohen-Doherty) do? She’s promote and urge all to vote YES!! Do it for Sarah, for the current and future and children and families who will benefit and for our community, too!

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