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SVP Portland Welcomes New Board Members

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland
SVP Portland Welcomes New Board Members!

We are proud to welcome four new Directors to SVP Portland’s Board! The Board provides leadership for SVP’s mission to mobilize the time, money, and influence of our Partnership for investment in our community. Each of these Partners brings specific skills that lend to this charge, as well as passion for our current goal of ensuring that all children—regardless of ethnicity, wealth, religion, gender, or zip code—have access to high-quality, culturally-relevant early learning experiences. 

Read on to find out why each Partner joined our Board. 

If you are interested in joining SVP Portland’s Board of Directors, contact Lauren Johnson at lauren@svpportland.org.

 Bala (Sudarshan) Cadambi

“Early development is foundational both for the child and for society, yet inequitably resourced. My interest in serving on the SVP board is twofold: to further public initiatives to close community access inequities and to aid Investor Partner journeys to self-calibrate on our privilege.”

Jennie Chandra

“My interest in supporting SVP efforts to improve education for young children stems from my upbringing in a Kentucky farming community, where I saw how learning opportunities were critical for youth to overcome poverty that often spanned many generations. I took multiple educational policy classes in college. More recently, I have helped support facilitation of foster care meetings—a volunteer experience highlighting the special importance of education to children who have experienced trauma or maltreatment.”

Steve Fields

“Since I joined SVP Portland in January, I have been extremely impressed by the impact that the organization has made in the community. The unique model of working side by side with community organizations enables them to solve problems they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. In addition, I am extremely passionate about expanding preschool education because I have seen firsthand—as a former school board member and a Big Brother in the Big Brothers Big Sister organization—how important the goal of being ready for kindergarten is. I am baffled by SVP Portland’s relative obscurity and would like to help raise its profile in the community so it could have an even greater impact.”

Vân Truong, Ed.D.

“My interest in serving on SVP Board of Directors is personal. In 1975, I arrived in the United States as a refugee from Vietnam and struggled tremendously as a young woman of color whose spoke two languages proficiently except for English. My lifelong goal has been and continues to be making changes so others don’t have to experience what I have gone through. My success is by chance and not by design. I have learned that many current policies are not meant for people who look and sound like me, therefore to make the changes needed, I need to be part of leadership teams to collaboratively design our path and vision. I also hope to learn from other board directors and to serve my historically underserved communities, especially our children.”

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