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Commitment to Advancing Racial Equity Update

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Aug 6, 2019

As part of our work to advance our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at SVP, we review our commitments annually as well as continually look for ways to improve at this work, recognizing it is critical to our community impact. We have recently refined our racial equity goals, and are excited to share our progress as well as what we are working to achieve. We will continue to update our progress quarterly, with the latest updates published today. Highlights include:

  • More robust reporting and transparency for each commitment. For instance, with our “Commitment to Invest,” you will now see a breakdown for the number of dollars, talent hours, and leveraged dollars invested in culturally specific and responsive organizations, versus the total number of organizations and initiatives.
  • A new, more meaningful “Commitment to Become,” which now encompasses our original Commitment to Diversify.
  • Updates to our Commitment to Learn, which shifts our goal from 70% of Partners will attend a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) learning event, to 100% of Partners working directly with Community Partners will engage in DEI learning.

More updates will be added this year, which will include an analysis of our progress as well as next steps in working toward our broader goal of advancing racial equity in our community.

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