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Portland Encore Fellows Sponsored by Intel

Posted by Sagarika Ravishankar


Not everyone who reaches “retirement age” is ready to retire, but that doesn’t mean they’re not ready to try something new. Here at SVP Portland, we’re immensely proud to host the Encore Fellows program. Fellows are seasoned professionals retiring from successful careers who are interested in transitioning into nonprofit world. They are matched with projects at local nonprofits where their professional expertise helps local organizations fulfill their missions.

Listen to Ina Jaffe’s spectacular coverage of the Encore Fellows program as told by three Fellows in the Portland Metro area.

Our Fellows enjoy a love and passion for working in a mission based organization, and have a tremendous positive impact on the community.

Interested in the Portland Encore Fellows Program?

If you know of a nonprofit that can use a Fellow willing to make a 1000-hour commitment to a project and that has the capacity to guide the Fellow through the transition from a highly competitive, resource rich, cutting edge product environment into the collaborative, resource scarce, service environment of the social purpose sector, direct them to the SVP Portland Encore Fellows page to apply. Or, have them call Linda K. Williams at 503-222-0114 for further information.


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