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Watch What Happens When Our Teachers Visit Homes

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This video highlights the home visits of teachers at eight Early Learning Multnomah Kindergarten Demonstration Site schools that pioneered teacher home visits to local students entering kindergarten last fall. Through work of the Transition to Kindergarten work team (which came out of the Ready for Kindergarten Collaborative) we learned that increased communication, trust and support between families and teachers via home visits can result in:

  • Increased student attendance rates.
  • Increased student test scores.
  • Decreased suspension and expulsion rates.
  • Decreased vandalism at school sites.

Still, many schools didn’t have the contract authority to ask teachers to do home visits nor did they have the money to pay for those work days. In funding partnership with the state’s Kindergarten Readiness Partnership & Innovation Grant, SVP funded eight local schools with incentive grants to pay teachers and school staff to visit 136 students and families in their homes.

We created the video to show the power of these visits from the perspectives of parents and teachers so that more schools and teachers want to adopt the practice in the coming school year.

CONTACT US or DONATE NOW to help kindergarten teachers at 15 priority schools visit the homes of hundreds more students this year.

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