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Social Venture Partners Launches in London

Posted by admin

Social Venture Partners is opening its first affiliate in Europe with the launch of Social Venture Partners London!

Social Venture Partners London has a dual mission: to build a community of strategic philanthropists who, together with the non profits they work with, will tackle disadvantage more effectively.

More and more, people in the UK want to be involved in their giving and understand how they can best create change. Social Venture Partners brings together a network of people who want to learn with and from each other and the non profits they work with. Social Venture Partners’ popularity with donors has meant it spreading throughout North America and now across continents.

In its grant giving Social Venture Partners will help its partners understand how to respond to disadvantage effectively. Each partner is on their own philanthropic journey, their lifetime’s giving of time, talent and treasure. Social Venture Partners’ intervention is important in this philanthropic journey. It provides the means for members’ journeys to be extended and deepened. As a recent report “Philanthropic Journeys” stated “the role of philanthropy in modern society has become too important to be left to chance, and the contribution of philanthropists matters too much”.

Our ambition is to build a sizeable community of philanthropists who are informed, smart and able to work with other influential parties in tackling, rather than merely responding, to need.

For more information, contact Acting Chief Executive Fiona Halton at fionahalton@philanthropyinaction.org.uk.