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To celebrate SVP MN’s 20th anniversary we will be sharing 20 Stories for 20 Years” to highlight the impact that SVP has had on our Partners,  Investees and Community Members.

Ellen Walthour, #20storiesfor20years

“I was Executive Director for The BrandLab, whose mission is to change the face and voice of the marketing [...] Read More »

Dan Kinsella, #20storiesfor20years

“I'm retired. I followed a pretty traditional accounting career, then I was CFO for a number of tech companies in [...] Read More »

Jessica Rogers, #20storiesfor20years

“I’m the Executive Director of Connections to Independence. We call ourselves C2i. We work with youth and young [...] Read More »

Why the future demands that kids learn to think globally

World Savvy is having an impact on youth around the country as they learn to be more informed and thoughtful global citizens in our ever-changing world. Watch this PBS Newshour interview with World Savvy CEO, Dana Mortenson. Read More »

SVP Origin Story

It was 1994, and Paul Brainerd was out of a job. He had just sold his software company, Aldus Corporation, to Adobe. PageMaker, the desktop publishing program his company created, had revolutionized printing and publishing—and left him an unexpected millionaire. Read More »

Comments by Grace Bassette of Lube-Tech at the Meeting of Interested Businesses

November 2016 Taste of SVP for Businesses Hello! My name is Grace Bassette. I am Project Manager at Lubrication [...] Read More »

Meristem Staff Engages Together in Charitable Work

The partnership between Meristem and Social Venture Partners Minnesota (SVP-MN) began in October of 2011. Charlie Maxwell, Meristem’s founder and CEO, felt strongly that SVP-MN shared Meristem’s passion for serving at-risk youth. Additionally, SVP-MN’s creed of engaged philanthropy, which encompasses giving not only money but one’s time and talent to improve the community, was a perfect fit. Read More »

Creating a Culture of Engaged Philanthropy through SVP’s Philanthropic Partners Program

Lube-Tech has always believed in giving back to the community in which they do business. They wanted a corporate philanthropy program that goes beyond writing a check. But with high business demands and day to day operations, Lube-Tech wasn’t sure how to fit in managing a corporate philanthropy program. So they turned to Social Venture Partners Minnesota (SVP)! Read More »

From Snacks to Sowing Seeds of Change

Appetite for Change (AFC) has had a big impact on my life. I was the teen who would hit the convenience store before and after school. I was known at school as the girl with the snacks. Read More »

The Power of Full Cycle: Stories of the Youth Impacted

When Jennifer came to Full Cycle she lived in various shelters for almost a year so that her mom, who had severe health problems and was unable to work, wouldn't have the pressure of providing for her. She was determined to prove herself through her internship at Full Cycle... Read More »

Living a Life of Purpose - How SVP Transformed Jeff's Life

"SVP changed the trajectory of my life" Jeff Tollefson says. Of course he had no idea this would be the case when he joined SVP in 2007. While he knew the business-building skills developed during his 15 -year career in the venture capital field could be put to good use in helping promising nonprofits, he never dreamed it would become his life's work. Read More »