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SVP International

With more than 3500 members from Boston to Bangalore, SVP is the world’s largest network of engaged donors. 

At Social Venture Partners Minnesota we have about 90 Partners (our donors). They range from financial managers to COOs, from corporate veterans to nonprofit leaders, and from seasoned philanthropists to people just beginning to explore what that means.

If you want to make a difference – and a bigger difference then you could alone – you’ll want to meet these folks.

Linda Ireland uses her personal Board service experience to guide nonprofits to stronger governance structures. Jim Anderson applies his consulting expertise to mentor nonprofit leaders and other SVP Partners in best practices. Eric Jackson found a way to engage his employees in meaningful work with local nonprofits. And the list goes on…

Every story is different, but each is fueled by a series of connections. That’s the beauty of the SVP network. You never know who will take your impact to the next level.

Meet Some of Our Partners…

John Wernz

I am a life-long Minnesotan who loves everything about our state. I'm married with two teenage children. Recently, I changed from a fulltime Chief Marketing Officer role at a private equity led financial services firm after 10+ years. Read More »

Jeanne Rudelius

I grew up in Golden Valley, MN. Earlier in my career, I worked in WI, PA, CO, IL, Milan and London before returning to the Twin Cities 25 years ago. Now, I run Commercial and Real Estate syndications for US Bank. I travel frequently for meetings with clients and arranging financings. Read More »

Mary & Jim Anderson

Mary and Jim live in Minnetonka and have adult twins: Jack and Emily. Jim worked in the software industry which required significant travel and commitment to his career. Mary worked as a CPA until the twins were born and then became a full-time stay-at-home mom, volunteer and caretaker. Read More »

We are tremendously grateful for our community of Partners.

Time and talent, generosity, and drive for something better…these are the roots of transformation – for individuals, for organizations, for our community.


Laurel Anderson
Keshia Anderson-King
Linda Bryant
Lindsey Eichenlaub & Ben Burgum
Gregory Coleman
Ally & Joe Delgado
Carlee & Pat Donohue
Amber & Nathan Espinosa
Gary Gallagher
Joan & Craig Gudorf
Dionne & Alex Gumbs
Rodolfo Gutierrez
Kate Hamerly
Diane Harper
Tenanye Heard
Mary Dee & George Hicks
Linda Ireland
Chad Johnson
Sheila & Christopher Jones
Neda Kellogg
Susan Kelly
Karen & Dan Kinsella
Cyndie Leary
Andraya Lund
Eileen & Paul Lundberg
Mary Anne & John Mauriel
Drew Moss
Kimpa & David Moss
Vanan Murugesan
Cameron Olig
Holly & Jeff Parker
Brian Peterson
Daniela Vasan & Josh Reimnitz
Jessica Rogers
Jeanne Rudelius
Kathy Schmidlkofer
Karen Scott
Ellie Singer
Tracy & Alden Skar
Kirk Smith
Kyle Srivastava
Carla Pavone & Morris Stockburger
Christi Strauss
Erin & Josh Susser
Vicki Raport & Guff Van Vooren
Jane & Steve VanTassel
Rick Wald
Ellen Walthour
Janet & John Watson
John Wernz


Lurie, LLP
Rhoda Beaird
Amy Jongerius

Varde Partners
Chris Harms
Andrea Norris
Shannon Richter
Caitlin Sullivan
Adam Ziskind

Bame Foundation
Gudorf Family Fund
Marjorie Weil & Marvin Edward Mitchell Foundation
Minneapolis Foundation
Philanthropy Together
Otto Bremer Trust

2020 Partner Awards

In recognition of Partners who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the mission of SVP Minnesota and to helping our Investees build capacity…We are grateful!

Partner of the Year

This year we celebrated a team of Partners who were essential in the creation of our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan…the Core Strategy Team:

  • Ben Burgum
  • Dionne Gumbs
  • Diane Harper
  • Veronica Hawman
  • Linda Ireland
  • Vanan Murugesan
  • Christi Strauss

Fast Start Award
Awarded to Partners who go above and beyond within their first two years as Partners.

  • Deb Garvey for stepping up frequently and smartly with her communications expertise.

5-Year Partners: Drew Moss, Holly and Jeff Parker

Outgoing Board Service Award: Jeff Arnesen, Nathan Espinosa and Carla Pavone.