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SVP International

Strengthen Nonprofits

The nonprofits in SVP’s Investee portfolio are tackling some of our most entrenched challenges that low-income, marginalized teens face. Our Investees want to impact more teens and build capacity but recognize that they cannot improve their infrastructure on their own. After three years of engaging with SVP, Investees double their revenue (average).


Support Strong Leaders.

SVP Partners provide expertise, mentoring and support to help our Investees be more successful and build capacity. We nurture and mentor executive directors and their executive team to provide entrees to build their leadership network. We seek to coach and develop leaders as well as create a pipeline for future leaders.


Nonprofit Capacity Building.

It’s not sexy, but things like sound financial systems, effective board governance, and up-to-date technology can make the difference between serving 100 and 500 underserved teens. That’s why we strengthen organizations from the inside out – matching them with consultants who can help amplify their impact. Learn more >>


Multi-Year, General Operating Grant.

We believe change takes time, and that those closest to the work are best equipped to make important decisions. Our Investees can depend on up to 3 years of funding, and they are free to spend that money where they see fit. Learn more >>