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The Power of Full Cycle: Stories of the Youth Impacted

Posted by Lauren Beattie

When Jennifer came to Full Cycle she lived in various shelters for almost a year so that her mom, who had severe health problems and was unable to work, wouldn’t have the pressure of providing for her. She was determined to prove herself through her internship – she showed up early every day, asked lots of questions, and encouraged her fellow interns to show up and succeed.  Jennifer obtained an apartment and a steady job, including a promotion, and visits Full Cycle to give interns advice on how to graduate and move forward in positive directions.
For Jennifer, success meant working hard for a stable life and sharing her experience with others who may benefit from it.


Matt with intern

A true dreamer with big personal goals, Jay had something to prove – and had the odds stacked against him. From a young age, Jay battled familial substance abuse and periodic homelessness, which made finding or maintaining employment nearly impossible. Yet he pushed himself to finish high school and got his first legitimate job from Full Cycle as an intern. Embracing the chance for independence and stability, Jay turned his intern stipend into new opportunities, enrolling in college and landing a second job in a peer outreach position.
For Jay, success meant receiving the tools and support he needed to reach his potential.


Growing up with a Cambodian father, Native American mother, and speaking Vietnamese at home, DC always felt a rich and conflicted sense of identity. His home life was steeped in substance abuse and the stress of providing for his siblings. After becoming a Full Cycle intern, DC quickly fell in love with bike mechanics and the daily interactions of the shop. He embraced the people and the work at Full Cycle, and now aspires to work in a bike shop that gives back to others.
For DC, success meant finding a safe and accepting community.


intern with bike

Daniel was too often cut off from what he needed. Having lived through a childhood in foster care, Daniel didn’t have stable shelter and relied on his bike to get around. When he came to Full Cycle, he recognized the value of building relationships, honing his networking skills, and using resources to help secure a safe home and save money. The experience of being a Full Cycle intern became what Daniel called ‘a catalyst for the rest of his life.
For Daniel, success meant building a stable life through connection.