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Comments by Grace Bassette of Lube-Tech at the Meeting of Interested Businesses

Posted by minnesota

November 2016 Taste of SVP for Businesses

Hello! My name is Grace Bassette. I am Project Manager at Lubrication Technologies and the current Grant Team co-lead at Lube Tech working with our current non-profit partner Spark-Y.

Standing up here speaking to a room filled with such success is an honor and a true representation of what I have gained as an employee through our SVP Corporate partnership. All companies, no matter how big or how small are looking to engage their employees especially with such the changing employee demographics.

I am of course a pretty typical representation of those demographics as a millennial woman. I graduated from the University of Saint Thomas as an Entrepreneurship and Theater double major. I went into college with huge non-profit management aspirations which were quickly crushed by the market crash in 2007. Coming out of college, I quickly realized that I couldn’t possibly make enough money to pay for my insurmountable student loans while working in the non-profit world. I started to follow my talents and eventually ended up at Lube-Tech.

The deciding factor for me between my current role and another offer that I had on the table was Lube-Tech’s corporate volunteer programs through our 401-C3 the Bame Foundation. I distinctly remember speaking with our amazing HR Recruiter about the SVP partnership and it was the deciding factor for me in choosing Lube-Tech. My story is not a unique one. As a young professional, I was looking for a company that I could not only stand behind but get ingrained into. Not just because it gives me the warm and fuzzys volunteering for a non-profit but because I knew giving back was a sign that the company and its leaders shared my same values. But what I didn’t know is that it has given me so much more. Through working on our SVP partnership, I have lead companywide initiatives, travel to a career building conference, gained and built relationships inside and out of my organization all while getting to display my abilities to our upper management.

It has been an unreal opportunity. But above all else, I have gained a sense of belief in my company and its leaders. I implore all of you to think about what that means for your organization. Start looking at what message you are sending to your employees and start to look at not just how you engage your employees but you ingrain them into the values of your company.