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RECLAIM works to increase access to culturally appropriate mental health support so that queer and trans youth* may reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms.


Individual, Group and Family Therapy: Individual and family counseling for youth ages 13-25 who are seeking therapeutic support related to sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression.

Practitioner Development: Training, mentorship and support for practitioners and practitioners-in-training through internships, fellowships, and Passages (formerly known as the POC Therapy Cohort).

Trainings and Consultations in Community: Training and on-going consultation to organizations that are interested in improving their ability to work effectively around experiences of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Capacity Building Priorities

  • Operations and business model
  • Earned revenue strategies
  • HR systems
  • Board governance
  • Market analysis and marketing

Interim Executive Director
Melissa Martinez-Sones

SVP Lead Partner(s)
Diane Harper
Linda Ireland