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Jeanne Rudelius

Tell us about yourself.
I grew up in Golden Valley, MN. Earlier in my career, I worked in WI, PA, CO, IL, Milan and London before returning to the Twin Cities 25 years ago. Now, I run Commercial and Real Estate syndications for US Bank. I travel frequently for meetings with clients and arranging financings.

What attracted you to SVP and inspired you to be an engaged philanthropist?
I think most people would like to leave the world a bit better off for having been here. I have worked with a number of non-profits and the challenge is whether you can actually make a difference. I believe that with SVP you can. SVP matches up well with my work experience and it is a wonderful mission to help successful non-profits scale to be even more successful and positively impact more youth.

What has been most fulfilling during your time with SVP (so far!)?
I took part in due diligence (i.e., the process through which grant applicants are reviewed and vetted) and was very impressed by the quality and diversity of initiatives to help teenagers. I love learning more about the different non-profits and how they are making a difference in their communities.

If you could have lunch with one person living or dead, who would it be and why? 
I will skip the obvious like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha. . . Right now, I would like to meet and spend time with Jim Kwik. After a childhood accident left him with a “broken brain” and severe learning disabilities, he rose past it to study the brain, learning how people learn and what can be done to enable everyone to learn more easily and faster. I love the idea of making learning more accessible to those that face challenges and need an alternative method for obtaining knowledge.

What brings you joy?
I enjoy travel in my free time.  I also have 3 children and like to spend my free time with them. Hearing children laughing makes me laugh too!