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SVP Minnesota Response to COVID-19

Posted by minnesota

Dear Friends,

With the state of our world changing hourly, SVP Minnesota is attentive to the needs of our community, Partners and staff. We are implementing CDC and State of Minnesota  guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all. This is obviously requiring us to change the way we do things. At the same time, we remain committed to supporting you in the best way we can. Based on our organizational values (listed below), SVP works to build thriving communities. Especially during these uncertain times, we ask you to join us in this effort.

Impact — This article offers some guidance on how we can promote communities and individual resiliency when disaster strikes.

Innovation — We don’t know the ramifications of COVID-19 and our community may look very different when we come out on the other side. We will reinvent ourselves to serve the needs both now and in the future.

Community — While social distancing is required at this time, it is still possible to reach out to others by phone, email and other forms of technology. Identify a few people beyond your typical circle and reach out. Check-in on people who may not have a network of support. Keep an eye on vulnerable individuals and neighborhoods and find a way to help.

Equity — This article explains the equity problem that coronavirus presents. Cancellations, closures and quarantines strike hard at individuals and families who already lack resources and access to services. Consider ways to mitigate the inequities.

Our thoughts are with you. Stay safe, get involved where you can and let us know what you need. Together, we accomplish more.

In community,

The SVP Team