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Posted by minnesota

We’d like to share a mix of bittersweet and exciting news with you.

First, our Executive Director, Ann Herzog-Olson, is resigning after four years of broadening and deepening the impact of SVP Minnesota (SVP). We are grateful for her many contributions to SVP, and her deep commitment to building social justice and equity through engaged philanthropy. Ann’s final day at SVP will be on January 31. We wish her luck as she explores her next chapter in the St. Croix Valley region. Ann’s resignation letter can be found below.

One of Ann’s accomplishments was to develop a strong, cohesive, mission-driven staff. We are fortunate that our highly capable part-time employees, Deputy Director Esther Goldberg-Davis and Operations Director Lea Blackwell Favor, have agreed to increase their hours and take on additional responsibilities. We are excited to announce that Esther will serve as Interim Executive Director from February 1, 2020 until new leadership is identified.

Second, this transition coincides with a strategic planning process that will kick off in the first quarter of 2020. This is an exciting opportunity to revisit SVP’s role with Twin Cities nonprofits. We will ask big questions, and will need all our voices and perspectives. Our first step will be a wide-ranging listening campaign to inform the planning process. Please send any thoughts or input you have to info@svpmn.org.

Being thoughtful about the confluence of leadership change and a strategy process, the SVP’s Board of Directors made two important decisions. First, we will wait to recruit a new executive director until after our new strategic direction emerges. Second, we will defer our next grant cycle until after the strategic plan is completed.

SVP remains committed to nurturing a community of engaged philanthropists in order to build capacity within the nonprofit sector. Our work continues to foster a more just and thriving community for all.

With gratitude,
Carla Pavone, Outgoing Board Chair
Linda Ireland, Incoming Board Chair

December 1, 2019

It’s with gratitude, and sadness that I announce my departure from SVP Minnesota after 4+ years of working with you and the nonprofits in the seven-county metro area who are doing important work with underserved teens every day.

The demand for capacity building is evident and I remain passionate about the leadership we provide in the community. I remain an avid fan of SVP’s role in the community and internationally. I remain a steward of the Partners who make this work possible via engagement using skills-based volunteering in a cohort model. And I remain in awe of all of the good people who are working to overcome injustices that TOO MANY face in our society and world. I am committed to continue to make my community better for ALL.

While I will continue to serve and help make my community better for ALL, I will do it for a more focused community. One year ago, I moved to a country home in the greater St. Croix Valley Region and I would like to set roots and devote my time to this area I now call home. I have begun to explore a number of ways to serve but I have not made any decisions.

I am proud of what we have accomplished. We’ve moved from having four Investees to seven, from just an executive director to a professional staff of three (2.0 FTE) as well as interns and a bookkeeper, we opened up our convenings to ALL in the community to be more inclusive. Our marketing materials and board governance have improved considerably since when I started at SVP. We’ve introduced the Community Partners Program and have been more purposeful with an equity lens and diversifying the demographics of our Partnership and the Investees we serve, although more work is needed.

In this season of Thanksgiving and celebration, I appreciate you for your friendship, generosity and kindness. It’s been amazing working alongside each of you. This is not a good-bye but rather a continuation of our partnership as people in the community wanting improvement and doing something about it!

In community and with gratitude,
Ann Herzog-Olson Executive Director