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SVP Announces New Investees!

Posted by minnesota

Five BIPOC*-led organizations selected for an SVP grant relationship.

We are delighted to announce the following five dynamic and inspiring organizations as our newest Investees. We look forward to impactful partnerships in our common work of expanding opportunities for youth and catalyzing equitable social change.

Social Venture Partners Minnesota (SVP) invests in youth-serving nonprofits for collaborative capacity building work. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with Investees to identify projects and outcomes that advance impact and sustainability. SVP’s investment combines both a general operating financial grant and pro bono consulting services. Together, we’re working for better futures.

*For the sake of brevity, SVP uses the term BIPOC to indicate Black, Indigenous and People of Color. We acknowledge each individual’s right to self-identify and recognize that not all people for whom BIPOC is intended would choose to label themselves as such. SVP understands the limitations of labels and embraces both the unique and shared elements of every individual’s lived experiences.