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Social Venture Partners Minnesota’s Statement about Racial Justice

Posted by minnesota

Dear Beloved Community,

We are grieving and outraged by the horrific murder of George Floyd. Social Venture Partners Minnesota (SVP) stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. This moment calls on us to recommit to furthering our own anti-racist practices and to work towards eradicating systemic racism.

While George Floyd’s murder occurred in our community, it is part of a larger story of police related violence, organized brutality and over 400 years of institutional racism against black people in the US. The trauma within the black community is real and the healing process will be deep. Simultaneously, white people should engage in real and deep work to understand their roles and become authentic allies to black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC)communities. We can and we must do better.

For nearly two decades, our work has been focused on creating a thriving, just Twin Cities. We are also part of a global network of philanthropists. We acknowledge that here and globally, our sector has funded and lifted work that is comfortable at the expense of work that tackles social challenges at their root. As our approach to our work continues to evolve, we are working to deepen relationships, shift and share power, build bridges and center marginalized voices in our operations and programming. We acknowledge that our journey must be more intentional and committed to anti-racism work for the long haul. We know that to be equitable and inclusive in everything we do is a journey that will not be achieved overnight. In fact, this process will likely be riddled with successes and celebrations, as well as setbacks and roadblocks. This will not stop our work and we won’t let what is uncomfortable get in our way. There is urgency to this work. We have an unwavering commitment to ensuring that SVP will do better.

Our commitment to building meaningful relationships and thriving communities remains central. Our pledge to do that work with an anti-racist lens will make us stronger. We invite YOU to join us!

In loving community and solidarity,

Esther Goldberg-Davis, Interim Executive Director
Lea Blackwell Favor, Operations Director
SVP Minnesota Board of Directors
SVP Minnesota Partners

In addition to SVP Minnesota’s statement of solidarity above, you can view a statement from SVP International about Global Philanthropy and Racial Justice here, a personal message from Interim Executive Director, Esther Goldberg-Davis here, and a personal reflection from Operations Director, Lea Blackwell Favor here.

*Xena Goldman, Greta McLain, and Cadex Herrera painted the mural of George Floyd to give the community a place to
mourn at 38th & Chicago in Minneapolis.