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Heartbroken. . . Where Do We Go From Here?

Posted by minnesota

Dear Friends,

I’ve been watching events unfold in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death with a broken heart. From my privileged vantage point, I can talk about a broken heart and not a broken body. And at a time when showing up with a broom or a bag of food – while important – mostly serves to make me feel better, here are some of the other things that I’m thinking about and doing…

Reflect: I am considering my identity, the skin I walk in and what that means for my everyday interactions. As a white woman, I can send my white, teenage sons out and I don’t worry if they get pulled over by the police. We have done nothing to earn that privilege? How do I talk about current events with my family and colleagues? Are my news sources proximate to the communities affected? I work to hold myself accountable and to step into my discomfort.

Learn: From our former Investee World Savvy, this list is a beginning to learning, listening and working toward Ijeoma Oluo’s call to “fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself.” I will dig into what I don’t know and deepen where I have begun to learn.

I learn to understand my own role, conscious or not, in our current systems and what I can do to be an active anti-racist.

Act: I will lend my voice and cast my vote to eliminate racist policies. I aim to speak up and show up – even when it makes me uncomfortable. I will invest in organizations working to change our trajectory toward a future that will not repeat the past.

Change will not happen overnight. Yet we all can, and must, play a part in bringing those changes forward. As an organization, SVP Minnesota’s values provide the foundation as we continue our work to build just, thriving communities. SVP recommits to:

  • Uprooting systemic racism and structural oppression
  • Examining our own biases and roles in current systems
  • Standing as allies with our BIPOC community members
  • Elevating just and equitable opportunities for all
  • Collaborating with community leaders and organizations working toward a vision of a different future

Together, our impact is greater. I invite you to partner with me in this journey.

Esther Goldberg-Davis
Interim Executive Director