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Breakthrough Twin Cities Named New SVP Investee

Posted by minnesota

In August of 2013 when SVP announced it was accepting applications for its newest investee, more than 40 outstanding organizations applied, making the job of SVP’s Investment and Due Diligence teams challenging.

“We were amazed at the number and quality of the organizations who applied,” said Investment Committee Chair, Sarah Curfman.

After four months of reviewing applications, presentations from organizations, and site visits, SVP announced Breakthrough Twin Cities as the newest investee at the December 2013 partner meeting.

“Breakthrough creates powerful positive relationships between students that allow all of them to believe in each other throughout their middle and high school years,” said Ben Burgum, SVP Lead Partner. “The results speak for themselves. It is an awesome program! Amy and her team do their work with so much energy and enthusiasm that they are going to be a delight to work with”

Breakthrough Executive Director, Amy Stolpestad said, “Breakthrough spent its first nine years of operation refining its program and now the we are confident that the time has come to scale to market. There is no better support for this kind of work than what is provided by the SVP MN partners. Everyone at Breakthrough is thrilled to have the expertise they offer behind our efforts. Together, we know we can create a program that serves even more motivated yet under-resourced students. With the help of SVP MN we trust that Breakthrough will build the stability needed in order to serve students for many years to come.”

Amy and her team are working through the Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool, and will meet at the end of January with SVP Lead Partners to develop the Capacity Building Plan. This will guide our work over the next three years.

“SVP’s partnership with Breakthrough is providing an excellent opportunity to partner with a leader in the area of helping students with adversity prepare for college. Following Breakthrough’s established program, we can help it expand coverage in the Twin Cities, while maturing the organizational capacity. This is an organization ready to grow and we can help”, said Jim Anderson, SVP Lead Partner.

This investment will be different than past investments as there will be a joint partnership between SVP, Lube-Tech (Corporate Philanthropic Partner of Breakthrough), and Breakthrough Twin Cities. “SVP selecting BTC as an investee is very encouraging news!” said Lube-Tech Lead Partner, Kaylene Nielsen. “I think they have a lot of potential with the right support across various areas.”

SVP lead partners Jim Anderson, Ben Burgum, Henry Eggers, and Phil Strohm will partner with Lube-Tech lead partners Cyndie Leary and Kaylene Nielsen to work with Amy Stolpestad and her team over the coming years.

If you are interested in engaging with Breakthrough in achieving their plan, please contact Pam Langseth.