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Media Contact

Ann Herzog-Olson, Executive Director
612.440.1804 | aherzog@svpmn.org


You can download our logo here, and find available photos on our Facebook page. If you need our logo in another format, or would like to use any of our photos, please contact info@svpmn.org.

Fast Facts

What We Do: Social Venture Partners builds powerful relationships between people and organizations that make our world a better place. We cultivate effective philanthropists, fund and strengthen nonprofits, and invest in collaborative solutions for social challenges.

Executive Director: Ann Herzog-Olson
Deputy Director: Esther Goldberg-Davis
Operations Director: Lea Blackwell Favor
Board Chair: Carla Pavone

History: SVP Minnesota was founded in 2002 by a group of individuals who were passionate about supporting youth but wanted to go beyond just giving a check, they wanted a new model for philanthropy.  Among those individuals were Steve Bloom, Eric Jackson, Jeff Dekko, Tim Morin, and Phil and Margie Soran. They met to think up what that new model of philanthropy would look like, learned what SVP was doing in Seattle and decided to start an SVP here in Minnesota. Read more about SVP.

Listen to Ann Herzog-Olson in an radio interview with Tony Loyd. She explains the SVP model and the impact we make on the nonprofit community!

By the Numbers

In 2018:

  • $810, 000 in pro bono professional consulting
  • $150,000 in unrestricted grants awarded
  • 13 educational opportunities including workshops, community and partner events
  • 120 Partners investing their time, talent and resources
  • 8 businesses involved in capacity building using the SVP model
  • 7 nonprofits in acceleration mode

Since our founding in 2002:

  • 60+ nonprofits funded
  • $2+ million given to nonprofits in grants
  • $7+ million in pro bono professional consulting