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Is your company looking for a new approach to philanthropy? Want to engage your employees in volunteer opportunities that develop their talents, leadership skills and makes an impact? Or maybe you’re looking to financially support SVP and the youth we serve?

Social Venture Partners offers a number of ways for corporations to offer skills-based, engaged philanthropy to their employees with emphasis on high potential staff. Below are a few examples:

Corporate Partners hand select up to 5 employees to volunteer their professional skills and talent to our Investees and SVP. These employees also have the opportunity to attend SVP events and workshops, all with full Partner status. $15,000 annually.

Philanthropic Partners identify and work directly with an Investee to help them scale and elevate more at-risk teens. With the support of mentoring and coaching from SVP, your employees will apply due diligence to select a nonprofit to support with a financial grant and skills-based volunteering from your staff. $35,000 annually with $25,000 re-granted to the Investee.

Financial Partner. Designed for businesses that want to support the mission of SVP financially. Financial Partners get involved by sponsoring a SVP event, sponsoring a SVP partner or funding SVP’s operations.

Grants. SVP gladly pursues and accepts grants to support our mission.

If your company is interested in exploring SVP as a skills-based volunteer opportunity for your high potential staff, please contact Ann Herzog-Olson.

Our Generous (and engaged!) Corporate Partners