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Honoring the memory of Ellen Mitchell Gallagher*

The goal of the SVP Community Partners Program is to help SVP more fully ground our work in communities we serve. Among the ways we aim to accomplish this is by bringing in fresh voices and diverse lived experiences to the SVP Partnership that are more deeply representative of marginalized communities.

The Community Partners Program is a three-year skills-based volunteer experience for community-minded professionals, leaders and social entrepreneurs who:

  • Are people of color, indigenous and/or from historically under-represented populations
  • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, social justice and inclusion
  • Want to use their skills to help nonprofits build capacity and have greater impact on under-resourced teens
  • Are eager to hone current skills and learn new skills via a highly strategic cohort experience
  • Are creative and willing to give 50 hours or more per year of skills-based volunteering
  • Embrace SVP’s values of impact, innovation, community and equity

Together with the talents and voices currently in SVP’s Partnership, the Community Partners Program will allow SVP to further engage in collaborative learning with others from different lived experiences, to co-create more effectively with indigenous and communities of color, and to grow to do capacity building work with greater impact.

Nominate a Community Partner!

SVP seeks community-minded professionals, leaders and social entrepreneurs of color, indigenous and/or from historically under-represented populations who are connected to the populations we serve and have a passion for strengthening the Twin Cities community through hands-on work with innovative nonprofits. An ideal Community Partner would bring a fresh voice to the SVP Partnership through their diverse lived experiences. Additionally, a successful Community Partner has skills needed for nonprofit capacity building projects (i.e. program evaluation, fund and/or business development, nonprofit leadership, strategic planning, etc.).

Community Partners are chosen through a nominations process. You can nominate yourself or someone else. Community Partners are expected to contribute a minimum of 50 hours/year to skills-based volunteering on SVP projects, with a commitment to a three-year engagement. Community Partners experience full benefits of Partnership through mentoring and network expansion, leadership and philanthropic development and workshops. Watch this video for more about being a Partner. Check back for details on the 2020 process. 

For more information on the SVP Community Partners Program, contact SVP at info@svpmn.org or 612.440.1804.


Ellen Mitchell Gallagher

*The SVP Community Partners Program was established in 2018 in memory of Ellen Mitchell Gallagher – an early supporter and SVP Minnesota Board member – by her spouse and current SVP Partner, Gary Gallagher. Ellen’s passion and spirit are reflected in the intent of the SVP Community Partners Program. We are grateful to Gary Gallagher and the Marjorie Weil & Marvin Edward Mitchell Foundation for their generous matching gift, which eliminates any financial barriers to participation in the program. Consider a gift to the SVP Community Partners Program to honor Ellen and sustain this program in the years ahead.