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SVP International

Who We Are

We go beyond traditional philanthropy

We are a small but rapidly growing group of business, academic and professional leaders highly engaged in our communities.  We believe that the many challenges we face in our communities today can be tackled effectively if we go beyond the traditional philanthropy model.  Which is why we combine traditional philanthropic giving with active engagement with the not for profits we support.  Our partners make a financial contribution each year plus give many hours of their professional knowledge, skills and experience.

Together we are more than the sum of our parts

By pooling our financial contributions we help individuals amplify their giving.  By pooling our professional skills we create a powerhouse of knowledge and experience to share with our not for profit organisations and with each other.  By sharing our networks we leverage the power of these networks to achieve our common goals for our communities.

Together we can build capacity for our communities, our not for profit organisations and our partners.

We see potential

Our focus is on supporting small but vibrant not for profit organisations who have a clear mission and a drive to bring about real social change.  We partner with our not for profit organisations for long term solutions and systemic change.  We will look for the innovators, the ideas incubators, the risk takers – the ones with the greatest potential to have the biggest impact.