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Strengthen Not for Profit Organisations

The organisations SVP wants to partner with are tackling some of our society’s most entrenched problems – and they are ready to take their work to the next level.

We are looking for organisations that recognise ways that their organizations could be stronger, and are prepared to work with SVP to make that happen.  In our first year, SVP will engage with one local nonprofits, providing two kinds of support.

Multi-Year, General Operating Support

We believe that change takes time, and that those closest to the work are best equipped to make important decisions.  Our Investees can depend on 3-5 years of funding, and they are free to spend that money where they see fit. We ask them to report on results, not financials. Learn more >>

Nonprofit Capacity Building

It’s not sexy, but things like sound financial systems, effective board governance, and up-to-date technology can make the difference between serving 200 and 500 kids in need. That’s why we strengthen organizations from the inside out – matching them with volunteer and paid consultants who can help amplify their impact. Learn more >>

How These Fit Together

Strengthen Nonprofits - How These Fit Together

What It Looks Like on the Ground

SVP Melbourne decided in 2015 to provide support to both short-listed candidates as announced here. Read the I CAN story to see what made us change our support model.

In 2018 we are again supporting two organisations, one current, I CAN, and one new Youthworx.

An important step introduced in our selection process was the inclusion of the Organisational Change Assessment Tool (OCAT) process that enabled a greater understanding between SVP and the investees of the gaps and opportunities for SVP to make a difference.