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Our Mission, Unique Value Proposition, Theory of Change and Sectoral Focus

Our Mission

SVP Melbourne cultivates effective philanthropists, strengthens not for profit organisations, and influences grant makers and social investors – building powerful relationships to tackle our communities’ social challenges.

Our Unique Value Proposition

SVPM value proposition - segmented cycleSVP across the globe celebrates innovation, and some of our affiliates have shown what focusing on our unique strengths can accomplish: Cleveland’s engaged partnership, Boston’s strides in not for profit capacity building, India’s and Portland’s bold, concentrated work in community impact, to name just a few. But even these highly effective affiliates know that there is always room for improvement — focusing only on partner engagement, capacity building or community impact limits their overall value to their partners and their communities. SVP’s unique value proposition is strongest when it includes all three components. Each SVP integrates all three areas into its value proposition, but the emphasis on each component varies to suit the needs of its partners and communities. SVP Melbourne’s emphasis in its early stages of development has been on connecting and developing its partners and on strengthening the not for profit we supports, as a means of establishing strong foundations for achieving significant community impact.

SVPM value proposition - component descriptions

Our Theory of Change

SVP Melbourne developed its theory of change through 2017, with the collaborative engagement and contributions of many of its partners. Development of the theory of change, which is aligned with our value proposition and reflects the results of our formal structured assessment of our organisational capacities, has established the contextual framework and strategic direction to focus and guide our future growth and achievement of increased social impact.

SVPM Theory of Change

Our Sectoral Focus

Our focus at SVP Melbourne is to support the growth and development of organisations that help disadvantaged young people to learn, grow, and succeed in both work and life.