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To tackle the daunting challenges we face in our community, SVP has partnered with key players and influencers in Melbourne. 

We need to do more than work with individual philanthropists and nonprofits. We need to be smarter, more connected, more aligned. That’s why we will focus on collaborative solutions and why we want to help develop the venture philanthropy sector in Australia. We are proud to be working with:

  • The Newsboys Foundation –  supporting the proven, innovative in-schools programmes provided by Hands on Learning (HOL) with a three year financial (Newsboys) and professional skills support (SVP Melbourne) grant.  The successful collaboration between Newsboys and SVP worked to help HOL in their strategic merger with Save the Children.
  • Australian Executor Trustees – promoting the SVP model to the financial planning sector as one way for their clients to get involved in philanthropy and encouraging interest and participation in philanthropy generally.
  • Directioneering – positioning philanthropy as an additional or alternative pathway for senior executives transitioning from full time corporate roles using the SVP’s engaged philanthropy model as an example and providing financial support to The Social Venture Partners Australia Fund.