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SVPM Update – from Chair Mark Jankelson

Posted by mgrenmel
Dear Partners & Friends:

I hope you are all staying healthy and safe in these very unusual and trying circumstances with the COVID-19 in Australia and around the world.  We are very fortunate that, despite canceling or postponing upcoming events, we can still function as the close-knit group that we are.  In fact, we have just decided to hold the next board meeting via Zoom and, as usual, all partners are invited.

I also want to remind you that our Investees (Not For Profit Organisations) are at the front lines, working with the people and communities that are most likely to be severely impacted by the crisis.  Their work is more important than ever, as already vulnerable populations are facing lost wages, school closures and related childcare needs, loss of school meals and lack of adequate access to health-care services.  We are aware of the very real financial implications that this crisis is likely to have on everyone in the not for profit sector whilst at the same time the need for the services they provide is urgent and only likely to increase.

In many ways, this crises presents a unique opportunity for more of our partners to get involved in our work in supporting our Investees.  I invite any partners who are eager to get involved to reach out to Melissa Grenville (melissa.grenville@gmail.com.au),  or contact the lead partners directly (see below).   This is the time for the SVP community to rise to the occasion and support the people around us for whom this crisis is having a significant and detrimental economic, social, and health related impact.
Warm Regards,
SVPM Chair & SVPI Board Member, Mark Jankelson.