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100 Story Building – SVP Melbourne’s Inaugural Investee

Posted by cattoh

SVP Melbourne is delighted to announce that it has selected 100 Story Building as its inaugural investee.  This is a significant milestone for us and very exciting on so many fronts.

100 Story Building Logo

100 Story Building captured the imagination of our Partners with its quirky, innovative and bold programs that provide the opportunity for marginalised children to develop their literacy skills, confidence and sense of belonging.  SVP Melbourne will partner with 100 Story Building for the next 3 years, providing financial and in-kind skills support, to enable 100 Story Building to expand its reach and build financial independence.

It was a difficult task for the Investment Committee to arrive at the short list of two candidates from the initial list of nine and then for Partners to cast their votes!  Kids Thrive, the other shortlisted candidate, is also an outstanding organisation and we will stay connected with them.  We hope to offer Partners the opportunity to contribute to Kids Thrive with in-kind skills support later in the year.

Our thanks go to all organisations who submitted an expression of interest and met with our Investment Committee.  We are on a huge learning curve and appreciate the generosity of time, knowledge and spirit.  Both 100 Story Building and Kids Thrive opened their doors to our Lead Partners and were open, transparent and welcoming.  And of course our hats off to the SVP Partners who did the hard yards for us – Wayne Saunders and Larry de Cata as Chairs of the Investment Committee, Paul Higgins and Susan Keyes-Pearce as Lead Partners for 100 Story Building and Mark Jankelson and Kim Visek-Johnson as Lead Partners for Kids Thrive.