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SVP is looking for nonprofits that want to try a different kind of funding relationship.

We seek to support the growth and development of organisations that help disadvantaged young people to learn, grow and succeed in both work and life.  They should have a clear vision for their organisation over the next three to five years, and a vision for how SVP can help them accomplish this. These organisations are committed to an infusion of SVP volunteer support to build and strengthen their organisation’s capacity to deliver programs. 

What We Bring to the Table

  • Three years of general operating support (up to A$100k over 3 years). We know you’re best positioned to decide where the grant money should be invested, so we let you decide how to spend it.
  • Tools to assess your organisational capacity – assessing the strength of all those behind the scenes systems: human resources, financial management, communications, board governance, information technology etc
  • Skilled volunteers who will help build your organisation’s capacity in the areas that are keeping you from reaching your full potential.
  • A commitment to working in partnership. We understand that there’s a new dynamic in any funding relationship. We will invite your honest feedback, and strive to find a path that works for everyone involved.

What We’ll Ask of You

  • A willingness to take a hard look at what’s holding your organisation back, and to share those weaknesses openly. Once the cards are on the table, we can get to work – together.
  • Flexibility and openness to working with volunteers who have busy schedules and varied professional backgrounds.  This may include having one of our Partners on your board or management committee.
  • A commitment to calling us out when something’s not working for you. That may be uncomfortable, but our best results come from honest and transparent relationships.
  • An annual work plan and progress report that outlines the capacity building areas you are focused on, how they relate to your mission, and what you have achieved at the end of each year.

We ask a lot of our Investees. And we’re not perfect. But we believe the effort we put into our relationship is so worthwhile and allows us to amplify the impact of our financial and non-financial support.  An important step introduced in our selection process was the inclusion of the Organisational Change Assessment Tool (OCAT) process that enabled a greater understanding between SVP and our investees of the gaps and opportunities for SVP to make a difference.


Here’s How to Apply
#1 Check Your Eligibility

Is your organisation:

  •  Formally established (an incorporated association or company limited by guarantee)?
  •  Registered as a charity by the ACNC and endorsed by the ATO as having DGR1 status?
  •  Located in Victoria?

In exceptional circumstances we may consider Investees who do not have DGR1 status so please don’t let this stop you from letting us know who you are and what you do.

#2 Check the Deadline

Ordinarily SVP Melbourne targets the first half of the year to seek and progress potential investees.  This year however, we are delaying the Investment process to the second half of 2019 to ensure we meet our commitments to our two new Investees, Kids Like Us and Youth Live4Life.

Contact us if you are interested and meet the above criteria.

Further Questions

We are always interested in hearing from non-profits as it helps us learn what is out there and we may be able to provide some assistance that is outside of our grant cycle.

If you have questions about applying for an SVP grant, please contact the Chair of our Investment Committee, Wayne Saunders, at investment@svpmelbourne.org.au or waynesaunders1@bigpond.com.