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SVP Melbourne’s new, simplified mission statement

Posted by webmaster

Since its inception in 2014 SVP Melbourne has not had a succinct mission statement, its purpose and objects being outlined in articles in its constitution. While adequate for our needs in our early years, the constitutional articles are wordy and have not lent themselves to easy memorisation, recall and consistent communication of our raison d’être. In recognising this, our Board committed earlier this year to develop a simplified mission statement—a clear expression of our reason for existence that describes an enduring reality, reflects our values and purpose, and is broadly held within SVPM. Subsequently, we developed the following statement, based on the global SVP mission but reflecting SVPM’s local uniqueness, and addressing the three pillars of our value proposition: connect and develop partners, strengthen nonprofits, community impact:

SVP Melbourne cultivates effective philanthropists, strengthens nonprofits, and influences grant makers and social investors – building powerful relationships to tackle our communities’ social challenges.

The new mission statement now completes a key strategic activity that SVPM’s Board has driven in the past 18 months to enable us to increase our impact—reviewing and confirming our value proposition and sectoral focus, and developing our theory of change. You can view the mission statement, value proposition, theory of change and sectoral focus here.