Meet the first round of Reimagine Fund grantees

SVPI 03/10/2021
Reimagine Giving

I am thrilled to introduce you to the first round of Reimagine Fund grantees – a phenomenal set of organizations leading transformational work in our communities to advance racial justice.

Our first iteration of the Reimagine Fund set out to make a statement given the urgent and renewed reckoning on systemic racism that began earlier this year, and in the context of the magnification of inequities due to COVID-19. Our grant review committee was made up of deeply committed social change leaders, racial justice and systems change experts from both within and outside of SVP. I am grateful to these leaders for sharing their time, expertise and insights with the network.

Together, we set three simple goals:

  1. Move resources directly to frontline changemakers. Especially Black, Indigenous and People of Color led efforts.
  2. Build a collaborative decision making process that features SVP affiliate staff and leaders of color in philanthropy.
  3. Identify and stand up for a set of shared values that can guide our philanthropy in a variety of contexts around the world.

This is the first step in a larger, collective process to reimagine giving together. If you wish to support the first portfolio of grantees, you can do that by contributing right here. We wanted to be sure to get these initial grants out as soon as possible, but we’re still growing the Reimagine Fund. If we continue to raise more through the end of 2020, we’ll distribute that money to these existing grantees.


Sudha Nandagopal
SVP International

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