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SVPI 08/16/2021

SVP Global Community,

At SVP International, we have been on a journey together. One of reflection. Of discovery. Of reinvention. In fall 2019, we began an internal restructuring process to better lean into what communities are asking of us as a global philanthropic network. The global pandemic and the racial and economic reckonings accelerated our approach to reimagine giving together, calling on all of us to step up in bigger and bolder ways than ever before.

Coming into 2021, I knew it was urgent that we build a team to strengthen our network to meet this moment, catalyzing more resources to systems change, demonstrating new ways to approach transformative philanthropy, and inspiring philanthropists to provide communities what they need most.

In our search, we emphasized our need for strategists who have global perspectives, experience power-building with communities to create change, the ability to build new partnerships for community impact, and an orientation towards learning, growth, and emergent action. I’m delighted to share that we found exactly that. With this staff team, SVPI can now fully implement the vision set out by our Board. 

Without further ado, let me introduce to you the powerhouse staff team who will be lifting up our collective efforts and building community across the network as we reimagine giving:

Director of Communications: Ben Henry, Seattle, WA

“SVPI has come a long way in thinking through how to reinvent philanthropy. I’m most excited about working in my role to bring the HEART to this movement. I’ll be telling the stories of impact of grantees, and of transformation with Partners who are living the values of reimagine giving.”  |  BEN’S BIO


Manager of Development and Philanthropic Partnerships: Naheed Jadavji, Vancouver, BC

“A lot of people have done a lot of good over the years when it comes to fundraising for the movement. But, as a sector, we need to evolve. That means challenging power dynamics, while thinking globally. I’ll be engaging our donors to build community and become partners for funding and addressing the systemic inequities of our times.”  |  NAHEED’S BIO


Director of Network Learning: Rachel Sample, Portland, OR

“I’m a big believer in a co-learner mindset. We all have perspective and expertise to offer, and different questions to ask. My experience is — it’s in the questions that we grow. SVP put new practices in philanthropy on the map by embracing this entrepreneurial spirit. I’m excited to build SVP’s learning communities, amplify new voices in philanthropy, and share sector-level better practices so we can evolve, together.”  |  RACHEL’S BIO


This team brings experience critical to the next phase of our network development, with expert perspectives on power-shifting, systems change, racial equity, and justice-oriented work. And they are eager to bring these lenses to intersect with donor organizing and philanthropy.

They join myself and Operations & Special Projects Manager Yvonne Chang to form a super-majority people of color team — a first for SVPI and a rare find in the staffing models of North American donor sector organizations and philanthropic institutions. You’ll hear more from each of these team members in the weeks and months ahead.

Now we turn our attention to building relationships between our team to set ourselves up for success, centering our staff’s wellness during this continued pandemic and time of uncertainty, and ultimately delivering impact for our communities and our network. The new team is excited and ready to build relationships with all of you in the SVP global community to co-create our future.

I am nothing short of thrilled that SVPI has reached this moment to dream big and reach for the new heights and global collective impact you’ve asked us to attain.

Meet the Whole Team!


Sudha Nandagopal
SVP International

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