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Croydon Drop In

Croydon Drop In (CDI) provides free support and counselling for young people. Last year they worked directly with over 1,500 individuals providing vital help with anxiety, self-esteem, anger, depression, self-harm, gender and family issues.

Case Study

My teenage niece was in serious need of support and guidance. She ran away from home and wouldn’t engage with any of the family. It was reported to the police who couldn’t find her but I finally managed to find her five days later. She was having suicidal thoughts and I wasn’t sure what to do.

The council put me in touch with CDI and I took my niece to the Talkbus then to the Drop-in Centre, where she was assessed and offered counselling.

I am so impressed by every aspect of CDI. The staff were amazing. They were approachable, kind and sensitive towards my niece and I think it is absolutely fantastic that such a service exists to help young people. She is now engaging with her parents and has a much more positive mind-set towards her future. I am extremely grateful as I honestly don’t know where she would be mentally right now, had the help not been so readily available.


Gordon Knott, CEO of CDI said, “The relationship we have been growing with SVP London has been an exceptional source of inspiration. The funding has been invaluable and this, coupled with the quality of advice we have received has made a huge difference. I can now more confidently and effectively lead CDI and continue to develop and innovate so that we are working more creatively and resourcefully with the community we serve.”

MK, a SVP London partner commented, “Gordon, Rhona and the CDI team are formidable, in the best, most skilled, passionate and compassionate ways. For TM and me (both of us from the creative business sector), it’s a true privilege to be able to contribute at all and we’ll continue to do so for as long as they’ll have us. The awe-inspiring group of young people who spoke out at the 40th anniversary AGM made an indelible impression – moving proof of how CDI changes (and sometimes saves) lives.”