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Crosslight Advice

Crosslight Advice is an independent, community-focused charity working to alleviate poverty caused by problem debt. It provides free money advice and ongoing support to restore dignity and hope to those in need. In the last year Crosslight supported over 1,200 clients facing complex problems, 82 per cent of whom say they are now more in control of their financial circumstances.

Case Study

Mandy is a single mother of four children under 7 years old living in a one-bedroom flat. She was suffering from mental illness and was a victim of sexual abuse from her ex-partner over whom she had a restraining order. She had debts over £10,000 including rent and council tax. Mandy was desperate and in spite of her obvious vulnerability, was facing aggressive bailiffs and the prospect of losing her home.
Mandy came to Crosslight and was helped over a 9-month period. 32 debts were cleared, a Debt Relief Order granted, and food bank vouchers donated. One adviser even delivered a buggy to her flat – she was housebound as her existing one had broken!  Mandy also participated in Crosslight budgeting workshops in order to help her face the future with more confidence. Today Mandy is debt free having struggled in debt poverty for years, and is wanting to make a fresh start.


Bruce Connell, CEO of Crosslight Advice said, “The SVP London grant enabled us to reassess how we deliver our service, which has met with much success. A SVP London Partner also helped us develop a new fundraising strategy and advised us on a number of important issues. We are incredibly grateful for all the support from SVP London.”

Edward Creasy, Chair of SVP London added, “Crosslight is a wonderful charity, and we are delighted to be working with Bruce, both to fund organisational development and to provide help and advice as the charity looks to enhance and increase the essential support it provides to London’s most vulnerable.”