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Connecting philanthropists, sharing passions

Our Mission

Social Venture Partners London’s mission is to build a community of strategic philanthropists. Working together with visionary charities, we aim to make a significant impact on disadvantage in London.

Social Venture Partners London (SVPL) offers a dual programme: a grant giving programme which you, the partners, direct and which sees the giving of partners’ time and skills as a vital part. Secondly, SVPL provides a philanthropy education programme, drawing on the expertise of a wide-range of practitioners and academics.

Our monthly meetings, held on a Thursday evening, are an opportunity for partners to hear from inspiring speakers, share experiences and information, and learn about the latest trends in philanthropy. The meetings are friendly, informal, frequently moving and thought-provoking, and always enjoyable!

Our partners are drawn from all walks of life, from young professionals to seasoned philanthropists – everyone is welcome and valued. We hope to see you at a meeting soon!