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From CEO Tim Schottman

I like to reach out to everyone in the SVP universe every couple of months, personally, and let them know what’s happening across the network. Strategy and growth? Sure, there’s a bit of that. But what I like to share much more are my face-to-face experiences with the people who call SVP their true home: the staff, boards and partners — over 3400 across the globe now! — who power our vision of transformational and lasting change, day in and day out.

Welcome to my archive. If you like what you find here — or don’t — and want to understand more, just talk to me. The door is always open.



Tim Schottman,
CEO SVP International

November, 2018  |  Time To Reflect & Rewire

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July, 2018  |  My SVP and SVPI Journeys

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June, 2018  |  The Global Summit & The Journey Forward

Our pivotal SVP Summit in Chicago, the meaning of “proximity”, and the road ahead

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January, 2018  |  Where the Rubber Meets the Sky

I gear us up for the pivotal 2018 SVP Global Summit in Chicago!

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December, 2017  |  The Year in Review

Reflections on another banner year for SVP.

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October, 2017  |  The SVP Partner Journey

On the road in Minneapolis; the Three C’s; Tim asks you to talk.

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August, 2017  |  Reflections from the Road

A living room in Boulder, Colorado, a guy named Simon and the Great Why Roadshow.

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May, 2017  |  Around the Network

The Glue and the We, and what really happens to you when you join the SVP movement (not what you think).

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