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Little Green Book of Venture Philanthropy

Posted by SVP Dallas

The defining feature of early America, according to Alexis de Tocqueville, was small groups of citizens banding together to do good works.  There is increasing reliance today on non-profit groups to provide significant social services.  Happily, there is also a simultaneous, exponential rise in potential philanthropists.

The non-profit market is not equipped to respond to this increasing supply and demand.  most are small and under-capitalized.  Some awkward barriers exist which discourage the involvement on new philanthropists.  Non-profits must change the way they do “business” to meet this century’s challenges.

Co-written by two SVP Partners, this book is a translation guide that illustrates a new way of thinking for non-profits.  By coupling modern business practices with soulful intent, by adopting new strategies to teach the new philanthropist how to play well in the non-profit space, non-profits can thrive.

For anyone wanting to make a difference – from the executive director to the weekend fundraiser to the new breed of donor-investor – this little green book will empower and inspire non-profits and their partners to have fun and change the world together.