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SVP Dallas Advisee Spotlight – Bachman Lake Together

Posted by SVP Dallas

Bachman Lake Together took some time to share the challenges they are facing and the unexpected positive outcomes resulting from current conditions.

  1. What is your greatest challenge right now with operations during Covid-19?

The biggest challenge BLT has faced is that the community that serves has limited resources or restricted resources.  The migratory status creates a barrier for families to have access to resources provided by the city.  Also, some organizations that provide financial support have those restrictions or many requirements that make the families feel like this a stressful process to apply for assistance.  Also, there is the element of the technology and many of these resources you can only apply online.

We are also concerned about access to information because the information is getting diffused via email or social media.  We know our community is more connected to Facebook than ever but not everyone.  Many of the relay on TV news to find out what is going on.

They don’t qualify for governmental financial assistance such as: No unemployment benefits. No stimulus checks.

In regards to the impact of the new way of education: The biggest challenge has been the technology.  There was a lot of information coming out at parents from the schools and it became overwhelming.  BLT could not support with technology equipment, hot spots, or training to the parents.  Also, we heard from Saldivar that many parents/students were not returning homework and we could not assist because we had no access to those parents.

  1. Has anything unexpected come out of this time that you see as one beam of light? 

Non-profits were working hard at looking for resources for families as well as open to work together to be able to help more families.  Collective work has been showing up at its best.  We appreciate that everyone understood the importance of constant and accurate communication. We like that the city provides information about the resources in Spanish.

Being able to use our Family Center as the biggest asset during this situation.  Using the parking lot for distributions made us feel useful.

The Community Action Network was ready to act and support the community.  They understand their role in looking for resources and sharing the resources in every way possible.

The pandemic has provided a great opportunity for families to spend more quality time together.  Parents are more involved in areas that they weren’t before such as education, taking the place of a teacher, spending more quality time together as a family – cooking, playing, being creative with their time together.  Fathers that lost their jobs have been using this to get more involved and be more helpful to the family in things that they usually leave for the mothers to handle.  We observe that the new family routines have made their foundation stronger.