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Readers 2 Leaders Grant Award

Posted by SVP Dallas

Readers 2 Leaders’ mission is to develop and grow the reading skills of underserved Dallas children ages 3-12 so that they succeed in school and graduate, prepared to live productive lives. Social Venture Partners Dallas selected Readers 2 Leaders to become an advisee in 2015 to help with a fundraising plan after Readers 2 Leaders lost a large part of their budget.

Through the initial capacity building project, our Social Venture Partners assisted Readers 2 Leaders with application to the Better Together Fund, which includes collaboration with other literacy non-profits, the launch of the joint program with Big Thought under a Wallace Foundation grant and helped with their Dallas Afterschool certification. As a result, Readers 2 Leaders was also able to gain funding from United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, the Better Together Fund, and become an SVP investee in 2016. SVP Dallas also supported Readers 2 Leaders’ educational field trip program for summer 2018.

In September 2018, SVP’s Portfolio Review Committee unanimously decided to award Readers 2 Leaders a total of $20,000 to be used as seed funding for their Team Read Coaching program, a full suite of training, consulting, tutoring implementation guides, and resources for out of school time programming that implement literacy tutoring. This project will increase earned income and position Readers 2 Leaders as a trainer and thought leader in the space of children’s literacy.

Partners Jennifer Owen, Wendy Driscoll, Ed Maier, Christina Hanger, and Giles Davidson have been instrumental in helping this nonprofit magnify their impact to serve children in West Dallas.