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2018-19 Dana Juett Residency Class for Socially-Conscious Young Professionals Announced

Posted by SVP Dallas

Social Venture Partners Dallas announces the third class of the Dana Juett Residency for socially-conscious professionals under 30.

We congratulate these outstanding individuals as they begin their journey through a year of hands-on learning, philanthropic experience, and work with civic, philanthropic, and business leaders.

2018 19 Class photos 3 across

Chad Allmann
Glenn Ayars
Byron Cameron Bailey
Kayla Barnes
Adam Beasley
Matthew Boomer
Cassandra Brown
Emily Collins
Matthew Cunningham
David Floyd,  Jr.
Mehdi Hami
Karren Hodge
Micah Johnson
Meera Kulkarni
Erin Larson
Kevin Lee
Matthew Lillard
Carmen MaloneyBemnet Meshesha
Caroline Morrison
Cooper Talmage Morrison
Lahari Neelapareddy
Adriana S Portillo
Daniela Ramirez-Fabela
James Saat
Diana Saleh
Lauren Sanchez
Jessica Shannon
Laura E. Shapiro
Henry R. Silvas, Jr.
Steven Sypult
Daisuke Takeda
Arvind Venkataraman
Vicky Wu
Russell Yang
Ed Zhang



























The residency was created by SVP Dallas, the Sapphire Foundation, and Dana Juett–the late philanthropic innovator and connector of North Texas.

Through the program, the developing philanthropists will grow in character and vision, deepen their understanding of systemic social issues, and develop expertise in creating sustainable, powerful social innovation. They will cover topics such as:

  • Charity versus Justice
  • Philanthropy and Equity
  • Collective Impact
  • Innovations in Philanthropy
  • Philanthropy and the People

Residents will also gain rewarding first-hand experience in nonprofit consulting, learn directly from leaders in social innovation, and meet talented and generous professionals of all backgrounds.

More information about the program at djr.svpdallas.org

Contact information: dogoodbetter@svpdallas.org.

About Social Venture Partners Dallas

Social Venture Partners is a network of engaged, active leaders who create change in the communities in which they live. As a facilitator of social innovation, SVP Dallas hosts five social innovation luncheons each year as well as Dallas’ longest-running event for social innovation – bigBANG! which is focused on driving deeper conversations and innovative solutions for positive change in our community.

Since 2000, SVP Dallas’ Partners have used their collective talents, wealth, and resources to support and advance organizations that address issues impacting social structures. These social impact organizations, including county programs, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses, tackle issues such as immigrant services, educational support, juvenile diversion, and so much more.

As one of the six original founding Social Venture Partners International chapters, SVP Dallas uses the vast talents of our partners to reach from Collin to Dallas County.

We do far more than just give grants and make impact investments. We develop the impact and capacity of social impact organizations. We provide education and opportunities for not only our partners, but for our community. Essentially, we do good better.

About Sapphire Foundation

The Sapphire Foundation is a family foundation founded by Katherine L. Juett in 2011. The Board of Directors consists of first- and second-generation family members and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. We are proud of the work we do supporting our community, and always strive to make a difference through mindful giving. Every gift we make is backed with love, appreciation, encouragement, and hope.

The foundation is engaged in a new chapter. We are searching for imaginative, forward-looking ideas about how organizations can drive change and make big differences in the Dallas community. We welcome new strategies or novel approaches to longstanding problems. Our ambition for our philanthropy is to be a true partner with and connector among grantees and civic leaders as together we seek to improve the quality of life in our community.