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SVP Dallas on Racial & Social Justice

At SVP, we recognize that our global systems, including philanthropy, are too often exacerbating instead of solving issues of racial and economic injustice.

Several years ago, our SVP Dallas Board of Governors decided to work together to clearly express our values and our beliefs and to redirect our collective focus. The board concluded that the underlying cause of most of our society’s ailments is, in fact, racism. More specifically, it is systemic racism. The board redirected our mission to offer targeted support to those organizations that have specific missions to eradicate the ill effects of systemic injustice. Our theory of change is focused on building the capacity of these organizations that do this painstaking work every day, so they can do more, reach more, make more impact.

Racial and social justice is not just this week’s issue, it is an issue that has caused centuries of oppression, gaping disparities, and inhumane inequity.

Take time to educate yourself on the groups we work with below that specifically focus on racial, social, and economic equity. Please join us, our partners, and the organizations we work with to magnify our collective efforts and build a more just community, right here, right now.




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