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What if you had a way to increase your earned revenue, but didn’t have the time or the skills to share your idea? What if you knew how to package and market an idea, but hadn’t found a meaningful use for that talent? 

These are not hypothetical questions. They’re why SVP was founded in the first place: to connect people with diverse skills and shared passion – allowing each to have a greater impact than they could alone.

In partnership with SVP, our Investees improve human resources policies, financial management, board governance…all that behind-the-scenes work that (when optimized) allows them to fulfill their mission more effectively.

In 2013, SVP Connecticut began working with it’s first grantee, the International Institute of Connecticut.  Our goal was to increase their earned revenue, but much of our work focused on capacity building in several areas of the organization.  SVP Partners and IICONN’s staff were a strong team and our work together had a strong impact on strengthening the organization.

“The many recent accomplishments of the International Institute of Connecticut is a direct result of our collaboration with SVP.  In addition to providing the funding to revamp IICONN’s financial management system, streamline data collection, and expand earned revenue strategies, SVP has spent countless hours helping to strengthen internal operations as well as overall board functioning.  This has resulted in a new mindset for entire organization – we are more stable, business oriented, and better equipped to tackle the many challenges our community faces.  For this, we are most grateful.”

Angela Andersen
Executive Director 2011-2015
International Institute of Connecticut