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SVP International

Who We Are

We are people for whom improving our community is part of our life’s journey – whether we work in the nonprofit or corporate world. 

We are volunteers, parents, community leaders, philanthropists, entrepreneurs – a global network of local partners connecting passion and purpose. We see the chasm between the challenges we face today as a society, and the scale at which we are engaging those challenges.

In addition to the skills and passion that our Partners bring to the group, SVP Connecticut is extremely fortunate to be closely aligned with Fairfield County’s Community Foundation and is a program of the community foundation.

The FCCF administers the SVP Connecticut funding as a Field of Interest Fund.  The strong partnership with FCCF is a vital component of SVP Connecticut’s work and together we are building a robust foundation for programming to inspire, develop, and grow sustainable social enterprise which can expand to other arenas over time.

In conjunction with efforts to extend our reach and partnership throughout the state, SVP has established a collaborative working relationship with the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven  and in 2019 opened a donor advised fund.

Together we are doing great things.   

We believe that nothing truly great is accomplished alone. Every person in our network has something to teach and something to learn. We are never satisfied, never settled. We know we have more to give, and that more needs to be done.

Most importantly, we believe it can be.

Where others see insurmountable problems, we see potential.