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What if you believe in reducing recidivism by providing ex-offenders with the training they need to re-enter society with highly marketable skills? What if you are appalled by dropping graduation rates in your local high schools and wish you could reverse this trend?  What if you believe violence is a public health issue affecting individuals, families, and their communities? BUT . . . what if you don’t have the time or the specific skills to tackle these issues on your own? What if innovative and savvy folks like you could be linked to nonprofits in need so that your individual talents could be leveraged to confront these big issues?

These are not hypothetical questions. (We’ve shared several stories below.) They’re why SVP was founded in the first place: to connect people with diverse skills and shared passion – allowing each to have a greater impact than they could alone.

In partnership with SVP volunteers, our Investees improve human resources policies, strategic planning, financial management, board governance, volunteer management, succession planning — all that behind-the-scenes work that (when optimized) allows them to fulfill their mission more effectively.

SVP’s Cumulative Impact with Investees

SVP’s Impact with Each Investee

Stories from SVP Investees


These are just a few examples. Since 2001, SVP Partners have collectively given more than $600,000 and tens of thousands of volunteer hours to 12 nonprofits, for a total impact of over $2.2 million. The impact of these investments is illustrated both in numbers and in more of our Investees’ stories.