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Board & Staff


Chann Fowler-Spellman

Board President
Organizer. Connector. Traveler.

Why SVP: Originally- to learn about the nonprofit landscape in Cleveland. Now - learning and working with thoughtful Partners on important issues affecting our region.

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Drucilla (Cil) Knutsen

Board Vice President
Curious. Determined. Irreverent.

Why SVP: We make an enduring difference with our Nonprofits.

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Ben Faller

Board Treasurer
Explorer. Problem-solver. Educator.

Why SVP: Because it works. I first encountered SVP as an investee. SVP's hands-on approach offered something more than just philanthropic funding - it offered an opportunity to advance the mission in a collaborative way. SVP didn't fund a program or direct a result - it provided space, resources, and hand-on expertise to help its investee to level-up. I became a Partner because I wanted to connect further with SVP and to help other nonprofits benefit from the SVP approach. As a Partner, I'm proud to have the opportunities to work with an amazing group of people to help strengthen and evolve the nonprofit sector and its service of our community.

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Réka Barabás

Board Member
Learning. Adventure. Trust.

Why SVP: I joined SVP while in grad school and never looked back! It is a true example of how community members from many different walks of life can come together to use their skills for the common good. SVP provides the perfect balance between volunteering my time and being part of new learning experiences and meeting new Partners. I value how strategic SVP is about focusing on capacity building and equity in its work with local nonprofits.

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Bill Guentzler

Board Member
Thinker. Learner. Traveler.

Why SVP: I was drawn to SVP to learn more about the interconnectivity between philanthropy and the important work that local nonprofits do to serve the community. I stayed and became more involved with SVP because of the passion of the staff, other partners, and the organizations they work with. I’m honored to be able to play a role in making Cleveland a better place to live.

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Evan Ishida

Board Member
Learning. Community. Humor.

Why SVP: My why is to grow our community with a community of diverse, passionate and gifted Partners. The ability to collect strengths and resources from a connected group of Partners, and then focus on big change through our work with a variety of nonprofits is unique and powerful in shaping a more equitable world.

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Katie Keane

Board Member
Loyal. Curious. Fun.

Why SVP: I was drawn to SVP for the opportunity to learn about and impact nonprofits across Cleveland. SVP has provided me with the foundation to explore equity and challenged me to continue to grow and learn.

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P.K. (Pete) Punwani

Board Member
Curious. Adaptable. Intuitive.

Why SVP: I joined SVP in 2017 because it gave me an opportunity to learn and contribute more to NE Ohio nonprofits. In working with our Partners and staff, I found a strong camaraderie focused on equitable social change through shared skills and resources in engaged philanthropy. What excites me is the ability to continuously interact, learn and grow with a group of interesting, innovative and talented Partners and nonprofit leaders to make a positive impact on our community.

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Kristen Summers

Board Member
Family-oriented. Curious. Planner.

Why SVP: I love how SVP is so intentional with centering equity in all aspects of the work to put values into action! My core personal values are growth and changemaking and SVP helps me lives those values by providing opportunities for me to learn and build up my skills in working with nonprofits who are making a difference in our communities. My time with SVP brings me such joy!

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Marcia Levine

Board Ex Officio
Serious about social justice.

Why SVP: An excellent organization for using skills & knowledge I have acquired in collaboration with a talented & effective group of people.

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Abby Westbrook

Executive Director
Mother. Learner. Leader.

Why SVP: I was drawn to SVP Cleveland because of its people and their commitment to equity, curiosity and evolution. I joined the team in the fall of 2020 - a time of immense challenges, but also an incredible opportunity for change and growth.  I am excited and honored to lead this organization as we harness our collective power to support and serve Cleveland-area nonprofits working toward social change. 

Contact: abby@svpcle.org

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Caroline Linden

Director of Programs and Operations
Bookworm. Hiker. Cat Whisperer.

Why SVP: When people ask me what I'm passionate about, I always say that I'm passionate about passionate people! I was drawn to SVP because it is a connector of passionate people⁠—donors, volunteers, nonprofit leaders, and community members⁠—who are committed to social change. I stay because of SVP's culture of continuous learning, growth, and revision.

Contact: caroline@svpcle.org

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Emily Troia

Manager of Partner Engagement and Communications
Creative. Compassionate. Evolving.

Why SVP: I was drawn to SVP as a chance to learn but found my professional home among a community of learners who welcomed me, inspire me, encourage me, and celebrate my personal and professional growth. SVP offers the opportunity to feast on new ideas and deepen understanding of philanthropy, nonprofits, the community, equity, racial justice, and more. And it has helped me turn learning into action.

Contact: emily@svpcle.org

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Hannah Xu

Empathetic. Adaptable. Growing.

Why SVP: I loved how SVP as an international organization had been thinking about equity pre-pandemic. I wanted to see how an equity lens influenced SVP Cleveland’s work in the present and how they strategically looked at the future.

Contact: hannah@svpcle.org

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