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    Information about partners is strictly confidential within the partnership with the following exceptions. SVP includes limited information about partners (name and sometimes photo and professional affiliation/company) in our print and email materials, and we post brief bios of partners on the SVP website. This information is useful to people who are considering becoming a partner and is important in helping us grow our partnership. We provide names and addresses to SVP International (postal and email) for infrequent, but important mailings to the entire network

    A benefit of your partnership is membership in Philanthropy Ohio, an association of foundations, corporate contributions programs, and other grantmaking organizations. Its mission is to provide leadership for organized philanthropy in Ohio and to enhance the ability of members to fulfill their charitable goals. Philanthropy Ohio’s programs such as workshops, discussions, and networking events are excellent opportunities for funders to exchange information, discuss common interests, learn about relevant issues, hone their grantmaking skills, and establish networks of important relationships across the state.